Supreme/Sudocrem Shirt Dress

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Sudocrem. Antiseptic healing cream. Spot cream. Nappy rash cream. And now your favourite item of clothing. Sudocrem is an over the counter medicated cream which was founded in 1931 (yep, its that old). We all know of its magic healing powers. 

Supreme. A very current, American clothing brand which caters to the skateboarding, hip hop, rock and youth cultures in general. They are known for their very 'exclusive' brand, their pricey items and the simple 'Red box' logo design which adds a £100 mark up to every item.   

This satirical collection merges the two famous brands together in a winning combination. Perfect for gifts. Perfect for fun! You'll definitely turn heads in this joke slogan design. 

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(Smallprint: Please note that colours of items may differ slightly to images pictured. All product designs are unique and created by student designers and  we own the rights to these designs. Any designs based on logos and brands are not exact.)